Mesmerizing Effect of Website Design Layout

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It is unfortunate that most of the website owners are unaware about the strategies to optimize the utility of the website and the impact of the web design layout. It is this unawareness that allows the competitors to forge ahead and offer better services to the buyers. The success of website depends directly on the extent to which the website design layout is effective at converting the visitor into a buyer, and finally the revenue generated through it.

In the earlier days the website was just being considered a substitute for a print advertisement. Time has changed the scenario drastically. The websites that are sales oriented cannot be as effective as those that marketing oriented. The sales oriented websites aim at just selling the product rather that highlighting the need and utility of the product or services. A marketing oriented website design layout is prepared after keeping into consideration the consumer behavior and preferences.

It is only when the visitor feels comfortable and assured about the product or service that he/she is going to buy it. A pinch of doubt can spoil the marketing recipe. This insinuates that there should be no scope for the visitor to doubt claims, products or services mentioned in the website. The web design layout should be such that the product/service descriptions, feedback of customers / clients, images and visuals convinces the visitor about the quality and the price at being it is offered.

One of the most difficult things that the website has to do is develop a trust bond with the visitor. This purpose can be served by sharing some of the relevant information that is as follows.

The real name of the business identity or the person needs to be mentioned. The physical address of contact could help winning the trust of the local clients / consumers. The photo of the concerned person can also make the visitor believe in the website as well as the feedback testimonials.

The purpose of the website and what it offers should be clearly mentioned so that visitor comes to know in the least possible time whether his search is fruitful at your website or not. This saves a lot of time of the visitor.

The website should not try to sell the product but rather explain how the purchase could be beneficial for the buyer.

The claims should be seconded by the testimonials.  The testimonials should be from genuine buyers and not written by professional who have written it for money. People reading the testimonials come to know whether it is genuine or fake.

The web design should be easy to navigate and simple to understand. It should not be confusing. The visitor should be able to find at least the link to what he/she is searching for in the least number of clicks.

Visuals are more effective than text. When there is technology to embed the visuals onto the website why not take the advantage of it?

Claims such as 100% money back guarantee can make wonders for the business especially when highlighted on pages such as the sales letter and order placement form.

A website design layout can make wonders if customized through a professional web designer.

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Mesmerizing Effect of Website Design Layout

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This article was published on 2010/11/03