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Website Design was once upon a time a luxury expense but not now. The businesses invest in the website design and want the assurance of return on investment. They want to optimize the utility of the website. They want the Website URL to feature in the top list of the search engines. They want the website to convert the maximum number of the visitors into buyers and thus generate revenue.

Before approaching any web design service provider it is better that the business gets rid of the ignorance about the functioning and utility of the websites. This decreases the chances of being fooled.

As mentioned earlier the website design is made to be used by the visitors and generate business. Now the question is how to maximize the usability of the website? Some of the key issues that can increase the usability of the website are as follows.

Let us first consider the use of the search box in any website. The search box is usually placed in the top right corner of the webpage. Why is it not kept in the middle of the web page just like the placement in the Google website? The purpose differs. The purpose of ecommerce website on online shopping websites is selling the products or services through the website. On the other hand Google is a search engine that facilitates the visitor with information about the words that are typed in the search box. This is the reason why the search box is placed in the middle of the Google so that the box is clearly seen by the visitor.

In case of websites other than that of search engines, the visitor's eyes are hooked on to the top right corner, searching for the search box. This is because the visitors are usually habituated to see it on the top right corner. One may think that of placing the search box in the middle of the webpage trying to imitate the Google, but this imitation can backfire. Care should be taken that the word typed in the search box links the visitor to the right web page. If the visitor meets with a dead end or the link does not work, it is going to reflect badly on the website.

Usability also depends on the navigational ease of the website. The web design should have a simple layout so that even the first time visitor finds it easy to carry out the search operations. The website design should be able to convince the visitor about the price and quality of the product.

It is only when the buyer feels it comfortable that he/she is going to recommend it to someone else.

It is better to avail the professional web design services to optimize the usability of the website.

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Web Design and Website Usability

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This article was published on 2011/01/07