Why Use A Website Template in Web Design

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A website template is a pre-made website layout and design, which you can add your content to. It has been already made by professionals or non-professionals, usually to make website design far cheaper and less time consuming for the client. It also means you can get your website up and running much faster.

A website design template will never be any different to what you have been shown. If you stick with design templates, you don't have to convey the looks of the website to the web designer and go through many alterations. Website design templates do allow for alterations, such as text, colour and images, which enable you still to create a unique website within the limits of the template.

With the economy still on a downturn, many web designers have turned to selling website templates, making the choices of templates even bigger than ever before. So luckily for you, there's a massive variety of professionally wrought web design templates out there, enabling you to get professional websites for a fifth of the price of a professional bespoke website. A massive variety of website templates does mean you are more likely to find web layouts attuned to the content, enabling a more unique and bespoke look.

A website template is likely to function in the same way as a basic static website; the only difference is the pages are preloaded. With website templates, you get the basic pages, such as ‘home', ‘about' and ‘contact', plus with more complex templates, ‘blogs' and a ‘news page'. Depending on what you want, there's bound to be a template to serve your functions out there.

Website design templates are mainly useful if your need to get up and running quickly and cheaply. They offer a little flexibility design wise; however, they can never be as unique as a bespoke designed website, since thousands of other businesses will have the same template as you. Like all pre-made items, a website design layout will be limited, thus it may not always be entirely attuned to your needs as a business.

A website template is without a doubt useful but it simply cannot grant you all a website needs to work on the internet. For instance, a web designer may not just consider the layout but how to make it search engine friendly - a thing a template cannot. A template gives you the looks, not anything else.

Yet, it can work very well if you have some web design and optimization knowledge, which will enable you to alter your website and make it favourable with search engines.

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Why Use A Website Template in Web Design

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This article was published on 2010/10/22